SAVS is a Real Time, AI powered decision support system that enhances targets and threats identification, while supporting ideal under armor operation. The SAVS reduces the crew cognitive load and maximizing the effectiveness, lethality and survivability of the armored vehicle.

  • Dedicated military grade AI/ATR, developed and widely tested for modern battlefield challenges
  • Real time Auto Target Recognition, Identification, Classification and Tracking
  • Automates key aspects of the commander and other crew member responsibilities
  • Complete Situational Awareness from the nearest circle (LOS) – and beyond LOS with external sensors
  • Advanced UI/UX with HD Multi Touch Smart Display MMI
  • 360° coverage of Full- HD day and LWIR TI integrated modules
  • Bird Eye View– optical radar presents a full targets type and distance  view for prioritized and quick action
  • Integration to gunner and commander sights and RC weapons to increase survivability and lethality
  • State of the art driver modules with 3 integrated displays
  • Built in Data voice and video recorder, target history for debrief and ISR
  • Integration to C4I/ Battle Management System
  • Real Time video and communication distribution system with very low latency
  • Adaptive to various sensors and provide connectivity to extend input circles
  • Provide provision for future Semi-Autonomous application
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