Quality Policy

Nir-Or Ltd. invests in learning, research, risk monitoring, and exploitation of opportunities to constantly improve the quality of the company’s activity and develops tools and mechanisms for implementing and repairing actions where necessary.

The company’s management  views quality as a business growth engine, ensuring the future existence of the company for the benefit of its owners, employees, and customers.

Nir-Or’s management and employees view customer service, product quality, and customer satisfaction as permanent goals in its activity and the key to the company’s success and even its right of existence.

As a learning organization and in order to achieve its quality goals, the company’s management operates in the following ways:

  • All the managers and employees of the company are partners in achieving the quality goals while taking personal responsibility, showing initiative, and running processes of continuous improvement.
  • Nir-Or’s quality policy ensures that the quality, applicable and binding requirements will be met carefully and consistently in every interface with the customer, to create the necessary infrastructure for achieving quality, professionalism, and complete satisfaction of stakeholders and people of interest.
  • The company’s management sets purposeful and measurable goals and objectives aimed at improving the quality of work processes and management and their efficiency while monitoring risks and opportunities in the core processes, all intending to improve development processes, the quality of company products, and customer service.
  • Nir-Or Israel has adopted and been certified to the AS9100D and ISO9001: 2015 quality standards, in addition to its commitment to operate following laws, regulations, orders, professional instructions, and the company’s goals and objectives.
  • The company develops relationships with suppliers and service providers based on ongoing quality and evaluation indicators while examining and emphasizing the purchase of original items.
  • The company qualifies and guides its employees to improve their professional level and creates a common, supportive, and developing framework for them.
  • The company constantly and continuously strives to minimize product defects, before the customer’s inspection and strict adherence to the established product delivery schedules.
Roy Riftin, Ceo
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