IDEX 2021: IMCO Group reveals its complete capabilities as a group of companies offering terrain dominance solutions

IDEX 2021 News Official Online Show Daily Media Partner POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, 24 FEBRUARY 2021 12:09

IMCO combines state of the art design, global production, and project management capabilities to provide what the customer needs where it needs it. Together with its subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners, IMCO Group offers design, development, and production of advanced modular multi-axial sensor positioners and UAVs ranging from micro-UAVs weighing a mere 4kg to 150 kg full-size UAVs, equipped with proprietary command and control systems for the defense, HLS, and security markets.

At the IDEX 2021 exhibition, IMCO Group and partners will present its unique Terrain Dominance range of hardware and software solutions that offer scalable tactical superiority capability using sensor-equipped drones and UAVs, advanced modular multi-axial sensor positioners, communications, proprietary command and control systems, and independent computing power on the battlefield.

The newest and most unique solutions that will be presented at the IMCO Group stand are:

Nir-Or’s SAVS: Nir-Or’s Situation Awareness Video System (SAVS) offers continuous 360° terrain and situational awareness for land and marine vehicles together with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) that supports decision-making solutions on the battle field. Presented for the first time at IDEX, SAVS enables all crew members to be connected and operate continuously with closed hatches while providing complete situational awareness from a variety of sensors – and beyond the lines of sight – in a single view. SAVS reduces the cognitive load while maximizing the lethality and survivability of the crew.

Capture Systems’ ATID: ATID is an Anti-Threat Intelligent Detector for real-time detection and tracking of UAVs such as drones and quadcopters, as well as humans, aircraft, ships and other types of targets. Developed in response to the continued escalation of drones and other UAV threats to critical infrastructure sites including airports, prisons, and military bases, ATID is a unique one-unit positioner system that uses both daylight and thermal imaging cameras to detect and track up to five threats simultaneously.

ATID (Anti-Threat Intelligent Detector) in 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Innocon’s MicroFalcon: The MicroFalcon is a lightweight UAV for over the hill ISR missions. Its high survivability, fast redeployment time cycle, and cost-effective price tag make it an ideal UAV for the military, civilian and HLS markets. Innocon’s MicroFalcon is already operationally deployed by many customers worldwide, including NATO member countries, and has a NATO Stock Number.
Aerosol’s Sentinel G2 Quadcopter Drone: The military drone Sentinel G2 is an advanced UAV System that provides real-time day and night video stream via Ground Control Station. Complete autonomous operation with long-endurance (up to 80 min), long-range and low weight make the quadcopter drone G2 the most efficient in the world. Operationally deployed in more than 10 countries, the Sentinel G2 unique frame configuration is ideal for quick deployment, providing covert surveillance and high payload stability.

MicroFalcon (Picture source: Innocon)

Sky Sapience’ HoverMast – Sky Sapience’ HoverMast, Tethered Hovering Platform, is a mobile, operationally proven tethered UAV that provides top-level observation and surveillance capabilities at altitudes up to 150 meters. Intuitive and easy to operate, the HoverMast enables immediate and continuous data transmission through a wideband link, setting up valuable communication between different teams. The HoverMast can host any payload, up to 11 kg., and operates autonomously, on the move, in harsh weather. The HoverMast is operationally deployed worldwide.

HoverMast (Picture sourceSky Sapience)

Advanced Defense Technologies Inc. (ADT), is a US based contract manufacturer of both build to print and build to spec electrical and electronic products, with its own line of rugged displays for military vehicles. ADT manufactures custom electrical assemblies for many companies around the world looking to utilize FMS funds.

IMCO Industries CEO, Mr. Eitan Zait:” IMCO group is a prime system integrator for complete and complex defense solutions. Our wide range of Terrain Dominance solutions is uniquely tailored to fit each specific customer’s needs, and ensure scalable tactical superiority, high lethality, and survivability. IMCO’s solutions are ideal for the defense, HLS, and security markets, and we are honored to present them at the IDEX 2021 exhibition in Abu Dhabi.”

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